Do you fear missing funding opportunities? What if you miss a required reporting deadline?

ennoble focuses specifically on managing this process for you.

Will you lose contact with funders? Will your message miss that personal touch?

ennoble keeps you engaged, letting you know when your special touch is needed.

Is the cost of outsourcing a hurdle? Do you fear a lack of control?

ennoble works within your budget and you have real-time access to all we do.



A winning proposal writing program is about relationships and consistency. Current funders need to be kept happy and informed. Acquiring a new funder can take many attempts to build recognition and hone in on the right message. Therefore, we become a member of your team working through a multiyear plan to surpass your goals and build toward the long-term sustainability of your organization.

The ennoble team has:

  • been awarded 60% of first applications for new clients.
  • had 80% of our clients' funding come from new sources.
  • exceeded 150% of clients' goals by the 3rd year.
  • delivered a 13x return on our clients' investment.
  • produces millions of dollars in funding annually for our clients..

Don't leave money on the table!

Our Goal

ennoble's primary focus is keeping you funded. We complement this work with an array of communication offerings to keep your message consistent, your funders recognized, your clients informed, and let the community know about your amazing work .

Your Success

ennoble allows your staff to focus on programs and working directly with clients, not behind a desk writing. Your time is freed to lead your organization toward its mission. The overall stress level is greatly reduced as more and larger checks begin arriving.