Our Services

OUR PROCESS: Bringing it all together.

We consider ourselves a key part of your team. We understand the burden associated with the pursuit of funding and the stress of meeting the financial requirements of your organization. Consider ennoble your guide in helping you to overcome these challenges and reducing the time and worry associated with funding.

Our goal is to work within your budget to meet your funding goals. We see grant writing as a 3-year process. In the first year, we maintain current relationships and identify new funders that can support existing programs or help with expansions into new areas. By the second year, we are building on those relationships and identifying even more funders to bring into the fold. Typically, by year 3 our clients are operating above their grant goal.


The funding comes because you do amazing work.


Keep the message consistent showcasing your services.


Let the world know who supports you and the impact you are having.


Share your successes and recognize all those supporting your cause.


Grant & Proposal Writing

Grants are a blessing, keeping up with them is a burden. Most of our clients originally came to us with a handful of grantors. They had grown to the point where they could no longer manage the day-to-day, serve their clients, and still be able to focus on the very intricate details of grant writing. They didn't have the time to seek out new funding sources, it became more challenging to come up with fresh language, and they were constantly in fear of missing a deadline to submit or report on a grant. Any of these factors could result in lost grants.

That is where ennoble stepped in. Grant writing is our number one priority and we're darn good at it. We bring a fresh perspective to the language and make sure that we are finding new sources of funding. And we are thrilled to report the amazing results our clients produce in a manner that shows what a fantastic job they are doing!

We use a variety of tools that allow us to manage this process very efficiently. It gives us great pride to know our clients entrust us with this essential task and we do not let them down. All of our clients have experienced growth in grants received and we consistently exceed their funding goals.

Request for Proposals

At ennoble we have a very entrepreneurial spirit and we love to see things grow. In particular, our clients! In responding to RFPs we can directly impact revenue growth. When we develop solicitation, we help clients find partners to complement their growth strategies.

For several years now we have been assisting clients with the RFP process and have been amazed by how many opportunities are out there to chase after. We have tools to help us better identify what RFPs are available and have partnered with organizations across the nation to successfully submit winning proposals.

Whether the RFPs are federal, state, local, or even private industry; we have proven to have the skills to create, apply, and achieve growth for our clients...both big and small.

Web Design & Management

It is so important for you to maintain a consistent message across all your communications platforms. We began developing sites a few years ago to make sure the messaging and results that we highlight in grants were consistently communicated on our client's websites. Oftentimes, when you request funding from an organization the first stop they make in researching you is your website. If they see inconsistencies between what you've presented and what your website displays that could be the end of the conversation. Since we understand our clients, we can swiftly and efficiently create and manage the changes on their websites to make sure this issue does not arise.

We can do this in a very cost-effective manner. The days of paying tens of thousands of dollars for a website are over. With so many options to create custom websites that have the tools necessary to run your organization, you'll get everything you need from web building tools such as WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, or others.

We are able to quickly create landing pages, refresh your current website, install donation systems, manage events, and all the other things important to growing your organization. With our help, your website will always look fresh and up to date.

Press Releases

Our clients do amazing work and the world should know about it. Since we are so closely involved with the operations of the organizations we support it's easy for us to see things that need to be highlighted and shared with the community. Whether it's a grant award, a new contract, or your success stories; we have the ability to tie those things back to your core message.

Again, we keep your message consistent across platforms and make sure that funders, your clients, your partners, and even your staff are recognized when success happens.

We don't promise the cover of Time magazine, but we will get your message out on a variety of platforms so that your stakeholders will understand the impact you are having on the community and the world!

Social Media Management

So much happens on social media these days that it's frustrating and seems like a waste of time to even try to use those platforms. The problem is, you need to have a presence to be part of the world's conversations.

Therefore, our strategy is simply to keep you in the conversation. We tie these communications into the other services we offer to make sure proper recognition goes out and the community knows what you're up to. We understand that some funders love to see their name mentioned and others would rather stay behind the scenes.

ennoble will make sure your brand and message stay consistent across all platforms. We will post relevant and timely information and do so in a very cost-effective manner using a variety of tools that we have mastered over the years. We build your social media program to suit you.